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Privacy Policy regarding Visitors to the Website of Matching Maximize Solutions Public Co. Ltd. and its Subsidiaries

Matching Maximize Solutions Public Co. Ltd. and its subsidiaries (the “Group of Companies”) has established a personal data protection policy for visitors to its websites, with the intention of protecting the privacy of users who visit or use the Group of Companies’ websites.

    (1) Scope of Policy of the Group of Companies
    This Policy covers the operations of the Group of Companies with respect to personal user data received or stored as a result of persons visiting or using the websites of the Group of Companies. Personal user data means information about a person which enables the identification of that person, whether directly or indirectly, such as name, age, gender, nationality, identification number, passport number, home or work address, telephone number, and email address. This policy
does not apply to third-party websites linked to or from the Group of Companies’ websites. Users are recommended to familiarize themselves with the privacy policies of such linked websites. This policy does not cover information about deceased persons.

    (2) Conditions of Use
    Visitors wishing to use certain services operated by the Group of Companies’ websites may be required to submit personal information necessary to receive such services, or transactions.

    (3) Exchange and Disclosure of Users’ Personal Data
    Access to, and use of, users’ personal data will be done to facilitate the user’s intended purpose. The Group of Companies may use the personal information of the user from other entities to collect, store, use, or disclose, in order for the Group of Companies to achieve the above objectives. The Group of Companies will not sell, exchange or disclose the personal information of the user to any other party which is not consistent with the intended purpose of the collection of the personal data of the user.

    (4) Correction of Personal Data
    Users can request that their personal data be corrected or updated by submitting a request via email to or by following the instructions on the Group of Companies’ websites. Additionally, any changes to users’ personal data will only become effective upon confirmation of their correctness by the requesting party via prescribed channels.

    Cookie Policy
    Like other websites, the websites and applications of Matching Maximize Solutions Public Co. Ltd. and the Group of Companies use cookies to track visitors to analyse, improve and develop the websites and to provide visitors with information and more efficient services. In this regard, the Group of Companies would like to inform users of the form and characteristics of the cookies used, as follows:

    Cookies Meaning
    Small computer text files that will be installed or recorded on users’ computers or electronic devices when users visit the websites. Cookies remember information about the user’s use of the website. Other technologies that perform similar functions are also referred to as cookies. The cookies are returned to the website each time the user visits or sent to other websites that support the cookies. Cookies are useful in helping recognise users’ devices and helping provide a more tailored service to the user.

    Necessary Cookies
    These cookies are important in allowing visitors to use the Group of Companies’ websites and in providing various services and functions on the websites. If this type of cookie were not used then the websites or some functions on the websites might not work normally, or visitors might not be able to use some services. These cookies inform the Group of Companies of what pages on the website visitors are accessing, thus allowing the company to provide a better service to users. Additionally, saving the site’s first page with a cookie allows the user to quickly access the website each time they wish to. In the case of cookies being deleted, all settings revert to default.

    Cookies that Store Usage Data
    This type of cookie stores information about visitors’ use of the Group of Companies websites, such as the web pages users visit, the web pages users visit most often, and links that users click on, remembering what visitors like so that the user experience may be improved. This type of cookie allows the website to store information and choices made by the user including user name, language or region.
    This type of cookie does not collect information that can identify the user’s identity but collects aggregated and non-identifiable information. The Group of Companies will use these cookies to gain a better understanding of how visitors like to use the websites, to improve the functionality of the sites, and to improve the efficiency of the Group of Companies’ services from the information collected when users acknowledge and accept the use of cookies on the websites allowing the collection of general and personal information of visitors.
    The Group of Companies will not use the IP address or information collected above to be linked or used in any way that can identify the user, unless required by law or for the benefit of the Group of Companies’ business operations or legal interests.
    The Group of Companies uses cookies in accordance with the details specified in its Privacy Policy. Users can learn more in the Group of Companies’ Privacy Policy.

    Deleting and/or Blocking Cookies
    Visitors and users of the Group of Companies’ websites accept and consent to our use of cookies as stated in this policy. If the visitor or user does not wish for the group’s websites to use cookies, the cookies can be deleted, and/or blocked, and/or managed according to the setting of each type of cookie function by utilizing their web browser.
    Even if users do not accept our use of cookies, they can still visit the Group of Companies’ websites, however this may result in not being able to use or access all services available on the sites.

    Changes to Cookie Policy
    The Group of Companies reserves the right to update or change its Cookie Policy. Users are recommended to periodically review the policy.

    Contact Us
    If you have any questions about the Group of Companies’ use of cookies or cookie policy, you can contact our data protection officer at