Steadicam and Easy Rig

What You Need… You’ve Got it.

Steadicam MovCam ProMax

price 15,000 baht / day

Steadcam MOVCAM ProMax  (Load Capacity 60 lbs.)

1 x Promax Standard Vest
1 x Promax Stabilizer Support Arm (Max Load Capacity 60 bs.)
1 x Promax Telescoping Post (2″ Dia. Post)
1 x 6″ Transvideo Cine Monitor IIIa SuperBright
1 x Bartech Wireless Focus Control System 1 motor with Jumper
1 x Video Transmitter and Receiver 2.4 GHz
1 x Docking Bracket, 1 x Baby Combo Stand, 1 x Long Dovetail Plate
2 x Counterweight Block, 1 x Low Mode J Bracket, 1 x Vehicle Mount
6 x IDX 14.8 Volt 136w. Battery Pack, 1 x IDX Battery Charger


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